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A Different Class of Texas Salsa

Dom’s Chop Salsa is an upgrade from the roasted salsa you’re used to – it’s salsa good for the soul. We combined two fan favorites of the Lone Star state, barbecue and home-cooking, to make the most amazing salsa in Texas.
Creating the best salsa for tacos, chips, and barbecue all in one was an ambitious idea, but we pulled it off. All we had to do was figure out how to encompass the sensational smokiness of a classic brisket and the savory taste of mama’s legendary salsa. No biggy.

Dom’s doesn’t just throw ingredients into an oven and walk away – we would never! As for all the different brands of salsa you’ve tasted… their ingredients are merely roasted. That’s why our Texas family and friends savor our flavor! Give us a try and taste the grilled difference – we promise you’ll be in for a kick!

The taste of Southern hospitality with a Southwestern kick

Bless Your Tastebuds

Ready to try the best fresh salsa you’ll ever taste from a jar? Stop teasing and have some of Dom’s Chop Salsa delivered in time for this weekend’s barbecue!

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The Salsa Hook Up

Don’t settle for the regular shmegular chopped salsa at the grocery store – there’s a whole world of salsa in your hands. Choose which flavorful adventure you want to take your palate on and meet it at your front door. Online shopping has never been so mouthwatering.

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The Game of the Grill

How ‘bout a play by play?

Our tomatoes and poblanos are grilled to perfection.

Those two ingredients capture the smokiness gorgeously and serve as the foundation for our chopped salsa.

The rest of the ingredients we use are all fresh - aka, we intentionally skip the grilling process to provide the perfect balance between freshness and smokiness.