Where in the world is Dom’s Chop Salsa?!?!

Hello DCS Family!

It has been a little while since we’ve had a chance to reach out. Our last Batch #5 of Dom’s Chop Salsa we delivered to Rackers on March 18th and 19th was our largest order yet at 600 jars. We were so excited to sellout everything we had, pre-orders and walk ups, in just those two days. This pretty much capped a fun 2200 jar proof of concept for Dom’s Chop Salsa we started just six months before in September of 2014. You all were awesome in pushing us each month to make more, and in continuing to motivate us to try and make this small dream of a salsa business a reality.

We’ve learned quite a bit during this time, most importantly that if we want to continue this success we have to make it a legitimate business and start to work with a Co-packer to manufacture our product. This is what we’ve been working on this since April 1st, and now have a better idea of the full scope of requirements needed in order to launch our first batch. We want to share this with you now so that you know we are serious about our commitment to our DCS family, and to providing the same quality product we’ve provided for the past six months.

We feel completely comfortable with you all our close friends and family in sharing the details of what is still needed to make our September 30th product release date a reality. You guys helped us get this far, and can tell you we will definitely be needing more when the first batch rolls off the line! We’ll be honest….starting a food manufacturing business has proven to be quite hard, but then again if it was easy we would all do it right?? 

Now on to the fun stuff!  –  We want to thank Ernest Flores, Crystal Koepke, Jordan Balay, and Ven Shamugam for all their continued help in trying to knock out some of the below roadblocks that have hit us to date.

So….In order to hit September 30th 2015

1. DCS 5000 – Custom Grill for our Co-Packer to Mesquite roast our fresh vegetables – Ernest Flores took my horrible home drawn picture of a concept grill idea that would make DCS manufacturing a reality, and auto cad’d the hell out of it!  Co-Packer approved of it, and we were able to start shopping it to custom grill fabricators.  (Attached to this email is one of the early pics of the grill we are building)

  • We have finally found a grill maker that can bring this custom idea to life
  • We will have final cost (roughly 15k) by end of week.
  • Hoping to start construction on it in 3 weeks
  • Build time is roughly 2 months

2. Go Fund me – This is a big one. We have been asked by our friends and family to allow them to contribute to our venture, and will be putting it out to everyone that is interesting in helping us get this thing off the ground!

  • We will be putting this together next week once we have the total on the grill and 1st batch of salsa cost
  • Still have to establish Parameters for entry
  • Launch page

3. Co-Packer – Zilk’s Foods out of South Austin will be our partner in crime making the tasty goods!

  • Finalize recipes and manufacturing process for DCS Hot/Medium/Mild
  • Nutrition Testing – Hot/Medium/Mild
  • Schedule Test Batch Run date (1st week of September)
  • Establish inventory System
  • Sept 29th first batch run – 1050 jars of each (3150 total)

4. Spice kits – Bolner (Fiesta Spices) – We’ve been referred to Tim Bolner with Fiesta Spices to make our Spice kits for each batch of DCS at Zilks

  • Initial Meeting – NDA to discuss DCS recipe
  • Spice Kit cost & contract

5. DCS website – Ernest & Jordan are helping with this and hope to have this update here with some content by end of week

  • Content Meeting
  • Site Go Live date
  • Initial Blog release (this long winded update!)

6. Business Plan – Crystal & Ven have been most helpful in this area that is not at all a strength of mine.

  • Initial draft complete – Next week
  • Crystal review and rework
  • Final Draft

7. DCS Marketing – Will be reaching out to some folks that have offered to help when we were ready to discuss this part

  • Social Media – Jason Stiles/Waz
  • Website – Ernest/Jordan
  • Web Articles – Garrett/Scoble/Leezia

8. Distribution – We are going to need everyones help here!  Do any of you have contacts friends, family, etc at any of the following? Also if you have any other stores around town you think we should be going after please let us know!

  • Central Market
  • Whole Foods
  • World Market
  • Sprouts
  • Trader joes
  • Bucks
  • Specs

9. Investor Funding  – We hope the Go Fund me goes well above, but completely understand we will still need more capital to really push this product and continue to make more batches. We know who we would love to have the opportunity to pitch this venture too, and are working hard to finish the full scope of story so we can get on their calendar!

  • Complete Product timeline & BP .ppt summary
  • Schedule time with Investors

There are literally about a 100+ items overall that need to be done still to close the books on all 9 categories above, and am confident we will methodically move through each one at a time. As a lot of you know it’s a dual full-time job working at Rack and raising the kiddos, and are putting any and all extra hours we have towards DCS to get it off the ground. We’ll get there!

Greatly appreciate your patience and support in this, and if you feel you might have any ideas, want to help, or provide feedback on any of the above feel free to hit me up direct on my cell 210-797-1579, via email here at work, or at dsjimendiola@gmail.com.

Next update will be in our blog on our website on or around June 1st!

Straight grillin’

Dom & Susie

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