DCS: We’ve launched!

Hello DCS Family,

Exciting stuff happening in the last month! First, I want to throw a huge high-five to Julie Cohen (@julieannacohen) at the SA Express-News. We truly want to thank her for spending time with us over the last couple months, capturing our story and sharing it with everyone in San Antonio. We love this city (and of course our Spurs!), and could not have asked for a better telling of it. Julie, you and your team are awesome!

If you haven’t seen it, and are interested in how DCS got off the ground – check it out here!

Let’s dive in to updates!

DCS Launch: Online ordering on our website to start!

It was a mad dash to get test batching completed last month at our co-packer, but we were able to get all processes in place to ensure DCS is made the same way. W00t! With the news article releasing Nov 8th, we decided to make online ordering available online for anyone in the U.S. before we started approaching retailers to carry it on shelves.

The Good: We’ve had several orders over the past week and a half for San Antonio and surrounding area come in, and have had a chance to talk directly with some of our customers about the salsa! We’ve also had a few out of state folks that were excited to have it shipped to them!

The Bad: Shipping is a bit expensive for anyone outside of Texas because of the weight/jar and we are not shipping enough to get some of the discounts large fulfillment centers provide. We will be working over the next couple months to find the right fulfillment center for our product, and hopefully solve this with flat rate shipping pricing soon. Appreciate the patience!

First Vendor:

Rackspace Hosting is officially Dom’s Chop Salsa’s first customer! It only seems right that the company, family, and friends that helped us pursue this venture will be our first customer. Rackspace has signed Five Senses Foods, LLC to provide DCS to the Customer Experience Center where they will gift it to customers that visit in person, and allow Rackers to send as gifts! We are blessed and thankful for this support, and look forward to having our little ol’ South Texas salsa as gifts in the hands of our Rackspace customers! Huge thank you to Rackers William Alberts, Steve Priolo, Melissa Gray, Heidi Fisher, and the CEC team for making this happen!

The BIG Question: When will Dom’s Chop Salsa be on Store shelves?

I’ve received several phone calls over the past week and a half from folks here in SA wanting to get their hands on our tasty salsa from a store shelf here locally. Trust us, we want this too! That said we’ve been fortunate to have had contact with a local store that wants to help bring our salsa to everyone! 🙂 I would love to share more detail, and when the time is right we definitely will. For now, we have a lot ahead to make this happen, but know that we’re working non-stop to get it done! Fingers crossed my friends!

We’ve come a long way in the 8 months since deciding to make our small DCS business into a full-blown manufactured food goods company, and we still have a journey ahead. We cannot say thank you enough for all the support we’ve received, and continue to receive every day. It’s overwhelming, humbling, and motivating and will continue to push it as far as we can take it.

We’ll keep everyone updated on progress once a month as we have so far, and if you need me for anything at all please do not hesitate to call or text me at 210-748-7915 or email me at grillin@domschopsalsa.com.

We luv ya’ll! Thank you!

Dom & Team DCS

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