DCS: In the trenches

DCS project update on where we are at! (Somewhat shortened version – I can be verbose.)

DCS 5000
– The grill will cost around 24k to fabricate. This is a bit over the original cost we estimated, but as the surrounding shell and the conveyor belt system needs to be manufacturing approved stainless steel all around, the cost of this is a bit higher.
– We are working with our builder to determine if there are areas to cut cost without sacrificing quality

IndieGoGo Crowd Fund me:
– Completed about 75% to include story, perks, and team involved.
– Reaching out to various DCS family members to provide feedback on perks before June 15th launch. If you are interested please contact me via email or PM on FB.

– June 14th – Finalize recipes and manufacturing process for DCS Hot/Medium/Mild
– August 22nd – Nutrition Testing – Hot/Medium/Mild

Spice kits:
– Met with Tim Bolner at Fiesta Spices, and he will have spice kit costs for us by Friday June 5th

DCS website:
– Site is live and host only our Blog update for now
– Content shots will be done in the next two weeks to propagate the rest of the sites features.

Business Plan :
– We finished our Distributor Pitch, and have HEB/Central market as our first possible vendor reviewing it this week.
– Overall Business plan for Angel investors is till being created and should have done by end of week

DCS Marketing:
– We are meeting with both our Social media and Web article contacts this week to discuss the IndieGoGo Crowd fund reach options

If you know any purchasing agents at the below store please let us know. We need all the help we can get!
– Whole Foods
– World Market
– Sprouts
– Trader Joes
– Buccees
– Specs

We will work to provide an updates as often as possible, and again need everyone help with the IndieGoGo crowd fund campaign going live June 15th. If you have any questions, or want to help in any way, please email us at dsjimendiola@gmail.com or call us at 210-797-1579.

Straight grillin’

Dom & Susie

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