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The Salsa:

The way we grill is authentic – and results in a natural smoky flavor that is infused into all of our Salsa ingredients.  The heat, the temperature, the mesquite chips in the charcoal, infuses our tomatoes and ingredients naturally, right over the open grill.  No fake flakes here!
Our unique seasoning captures both authentic Mexican flavoring as well as that homestyle BBQ you love.  Traditional + BBQ = a flavor fusion of true BBQ Salsa.

Our History:

Started by Dom and Susana Mendiola in August 2014, the concept came from a desire to share their homemade salsa with friends and family. What started with a couple of grills, blenders, and fry carts expanded by utilizing relationships with produce at HEB for fresh ingredients and the Ball & Kerr jars used for Original Batches 1 & 2.

Connecting with Catalani Produce for Original Batches 3 through 5 streamlined process and reduced costs.  Demand continued to increase, which led to the decision to scale production, fill online orders, and enter the local market.

After partnering with a co-packer in Austin, we worked with a local designer to fabricate a custom stainless steel grill called the DCS5000. This ensures we maintain high quality grilled ingredients as we scale to meet the needs of our awesome customer base!

After launching our online store in November of 2015, we were featured in the San Antonio Express News and other media outlets.  This led to a conversation with HEB about bringing Dom’s Chop Salsa to their shelves. After navigating necessary operations and logistics to make this happen we began selling in HEB stores on April 4th, 2016.

See you there!

Contact Us:

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– Dom, Susie, Kelly & Ernest