Balance: The Struggle is Real

Hola DCS Family!

First things first, I have to give a huge high five, hug, and thank you to my team DCS members Susie Mendiola, Kelly Long, and Ernest Flores. Without your hard work, we wouldn’t be anywhere near where we are now – One Love!

Everyone who knows me personally knows I’m an open book so I wanted to share some personal thoughts that I haven’t had time to get on paper until now. Don’t worry – business updates coming later this week. 🙂

The big thing for me lately? It’s all about balance.

Susie and I have full time careers plus two of the best kids in the world: Josh in 10th grade and Isabella in 4th. Every week we have practices to get them to, tournaments and games to attend, homework to help finish, a house to maintain, family members to visit, Sunday mornings at St. Anthony, and … you get the picture.  That doesn’t include the unplanned/planned things that come along every week that keep you running non-stop from the start of morning to hitting the pillow at night. Does this sound familiar? I’m sure it does!

This is the normal routine for most of you trying to balance the time blocks in any given day while maintaining sanity when something comes in like a wrecking ball and knocks everything out of whack. Aww naw! Good ol’ fashion real life. Add starting and maintaining a salsa business to the list and it’s a busy time in the Mendiola household!

I mention this because it’s easy to have your day fly by and realize that even though you were able to hit 100% of the “need to complete” items, you only hit 40% of the “want to start” items. This has been a struggle for us – sometimes it’s hard to fit the DCS start-up into the “need to complete” checklist for the day. And this isn’t unique to me and Susie Q … all of our DCS team members juggle the same.

We prioritize family and careers first. What extra time we can grab, we put into this product. Time is really the only cost we’ve paid since deciding to release DCS as a certified product. Time is easily more valuable than any dollar amount but sometimes it’s easy to say “I have 30 minutes free and should work on DCS … but I really just want to binge on Netflix”. You laugh, but I’ve been there and you have too! No shame y’all. We all need to find balance. Sometimes we make great progress on DCS in a given week, and sometimes other things stack up and we make very little. So, we’ve found some things that work.

1. Enjoy who you work with. This is critical. Part of what pushes me is that this team enjoys working with each other. We all bring different skills, talents and personality to the table and it works. It makes locking ourselves in a room for 8 hours a lot easier to handle.

2. Motivate each other. When I get a text on the weekend with a to-do item checked off the list, I want to jump in and work on mine. We hold each other accountable and push each other to do better.

3. Do something different. DCS is so unrelated to other things we all have going on it becomes something exciting for our brains to focus on in a new way. It keeps us stimulated and going!

4. Stay positive. There’s a lot going on and sometimes it starts to feel overwhelming. When that happens, I go to my DCS happy place and remember how important this is. It really makes a difference.

We truly thank everyone for their support and patience while we work through the large checklist we have to DCS release. Thank you again for taking the time to give my personal stuffs a read. Now, I have some House of Cards to catch up on. 😉


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