State of the Union II (Yes, II!)

Hello DCS Family!

We’ve had a very fast paced last month, and are excited to share this update as to where we are on our path to release at the end of next month.  NEXT MONTH! Here is where we sit in our three main areas:

Business and Financial:

Funding – The IndieGoGo campaign, while short of its original goal, was still able to help us raise an amazing $7,400.00 in usable funds. We have just cut the 2nd check towards the custom grill being built by BR Pits!

Kelly Long did an awesome job completing the full DCS business plan, and we sat down with Schertz Bank early last week to discuss securing a Small Business loan. We are working with them and the SASBDC at UTSA to secure the rest of the funds required for launch. These funds will go towards the cost of goods for our first official DCS batch with Zilk’s Foods, and marketing materials for promotion and sales. The process takes time, but it looks good to have all requirements provided and funds secured by end of month.

Vendors/Distributors – We‘ve identified 14 specialty food stores along the I-35 corridor from San Antonio to Austin that we want to be in! We have decided to hold off pursuing these vendors until we have the following pieces completed: 1. All funding secured 2. Marketing and Partnership plans 3. Test batch of DCS made for taste testing. Once this is knocked out, we will move full steam ahead nailing down shelf space. Not gonna lie folks, this will be one of the hardest parts to come and we’ll be the pounding the pavement. We are confident that with the help of our DCS family, we’ll nail em’ down! 🙂

Marketing and Branding:

Website – Ernest and Kelly will begin work this month adding features and functionality to the site.  The big one – Saas (Salsa as a Service).  Thank you Wayne Walls for this idea! They will be creating an e-commerce/shopping cart with the ability to sign up for monthly subscription salsa. That’s right – you’ll never run out again! They are also looking to integrate all of the awesome photo’s and updates you have posted on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook into the site.  Keep an eye out for early access for Salsa Subscribers in the first week of September!

Indie GoGo Perks – We had a great DSC Team Meeting last week where Ernest showed us the designs he completed for DCS Stickers, Limited Edition launch T-shirt, Founders Polo/Columbia Fishing shirt, Special Edition DCS gift, and the Custom Grill plate for our 5k+ contributors (Graham Weston). It is unbelievable how AWESOME THIS IS and we’re super excited to share! We have a Launch Party to plan for our $250+ contributors so stay tuned… we’re working on securing a location for the 1st week of October.  Salsa anyone?

Branding – See above, yo!

Manufacturing & Operations:

DCS 5000 – We are 3 weeks into fabrication of the DCS 5000, and have a pic to share:


You can see the two 10 foot barrels and the trailer all being put together. Exciting stuff! We have about 4 weeks left before it is completed and will share updates as they come in.

Co-Packer – We have finalized a starting cost of goods price for DCS production with our Co- Packer. They have reviewed all Process & Procedure documents and we have Spice kits, labels, and jar vendors all nailed down in preparation for release. We are hoping to set the test batch date at the plant for 1st-2nd week of September to allow for any final tweaks before official batch day.

That’s all folks …

That’s it for this month and as you all can tell we still have a lot to do! We appreciate your patience as we go through this massive undertaking (more to come on that from me soon). There’s a great deal that goes into making DCS a certified food manufactured product so that we can sell it in the good ol’ state of Texas (and the rest of the U.S!) but we’re committed to keep going till it’s done! 🙂

If you have thoughts, ideas, or would like to talk salsa, shoot us an email at or call us on the DCS bat phone: 210-748-7915.  If you wanna talk good about us – we love that over at our Facebook Page. 😉

Straight grillin’

Dom & Susie